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Beta 18Scenarios

Let’s Cook – A Breaking Bad Scenario

Two chemists decide to use their knowledge to more profitable ends: drug trade. They take a bundle of stolen precursor out into a deserted land and being their own Go-Juice empire. They will have to grow and process t...

Beta 18Challenges Scenarios

Start With Nothing Challenge

You will start with no food, no resources, no clothes, no weapons. Didn't you read the title? You will start with nothing. Your ship was taken over by the AI on board. All humans were imprisoned and treated like...

Beta 18Scenarios

The Survival Reality Show Scenario

Welcome and congratulations! You are now the producer of the universe’s favorite and most thrilling game show: “RimWorld: The Survival Reality Show”. As producer you will help guide the contestants as the drama unf...

Beta 18Challenges Scenarios

Amazons Challenge

The amazons are a tribe of women warriors, daughters of the god Ares and the nymph Harmonia. They are brutal and aggressive, and their main concern in life is war. They have settled their tribe in this planet and inte...

Alpha 17 Beta 18Challenges Scenarios

Sea Ice Challenge

You wanted to prove you have what it takes to survive in a ruthless environment. And so you set course to an ice-covered planet. Your long journey inside a cryptosleep has come to an end: you just landed on sea ice, a...

Alpha 17Scenarios

The Lone Wanderer Scenario

When the bombs dropped you thought the world had ended, but you had survived: lost and alone in the fallout… Your faction will be a New Arrivals, starting with 1 person. Player starting characters have a...

Alpha 17Scenarios

Ruins Scenario

After their ship was destroyed, they landed on an unfamiliar planet. The locals referred to them as “New Arrivals.” The land they crashed on was barren and unforgiving. There must be somewhere inhabitable on this rock...

Alpha 17Scenarios

Fabulous 5 Scenario

The Fabulous 5 scenario takes on the story of five spoiled kids that grew up in a wealthy family and never worked in their life or did any hard labor. They enjoyed being a bunch of freeloaders until their parents had ...