Japanese Culture Pack

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Mods inspired by feudal Japan. Dress your pawns in traditional Japanese outfits, gather legendary weaponry, katanas, and even Japanese firearms, and settle a colony focused on rice cultivation.

【ZP】 Zipangu – Rice cultivating civilization Mod

Adds a realistic rice production which requires a lot of work and time. Plant different classes of rice and cook a wide variety of Japanese meals!

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【ZP】Sengoku period – Samurai Mod

The Samurai Mod brings two samurai factions to RimWorld (neutral and hostile).

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Osirasama Mod

A Storyteller that cherishes the taste of rice amidst famine and raging weather. These hard times make settlers search for safety and food. Of course, raiders are also looking for those too…

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Animal straw bed Mod

Adds three kinds of straw beds for animals, made of grass.

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Gloomy Face Mod

The Gloomy Face Mod replaces the face texture for all pawns with anime inspired faces.

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Gloomy Hair Mod MK2

The Gloomy Hair Mod adds 16 new asian-inspired hairstyles to RimWorld.

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