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ReGrowth: Extinct Animals Pack

Authors of the ReGrowth: Extinct Animals Pack: Helixien, Erin

Welcome to ReGrowth!

The goal of this series is to overhaul, expand and fix vanilla biomes, as well as add new vanilla friendly biomes! All modular so you can choose what you want and what not! Making Rimworld feel more alive than ever before!

This module adds 5 new extinct animals to Rimworld, brought back to life with the wonders of genetic engineering. It is quite that simple actually. All of them fit perfectly into vanilla Rimworld and will spawn in their respective biomes, but are rarer than normal vanilla animals.

All of these lovely animals have been made as a commission by Erin, who is quite literally the queen of making Rimworld animals. Her work is amazing!

This mod is lightweight, it has no extra code and was designed to perfectly fit the vanilla game! Can be added and removed whenever you want, no new save needed.

“ReGrowth – Extinct Animals Pack” adds the following fauna to the game:

There are no none in incompatibilities know that would require a patch.

Q: Do I need a new save for this?
A: No.

Q: Do I need the “ReGrowth – Core” mod for this?
A: Yes, you do!

Q: Can all of them be tamed?
A: Yes, of course!

Q: Is Combat Extended compatible?
A: As of now, no.

Q: How do I get the cheese?
A: You need “Vanilla Cooking Expanded” for this.

Q: Will you add more extinct animals?
A: Yes! But slowly!

Q: Can I use this and “Megafauna”?
A: Yes, they don’t hurt each other.

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