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Spotted Mod

Author of the Spotted Mod: TGPArcherTGPArcher

Have you ever wondered how do raiders manage to reach your colony unnoticed? Well, the Spotted Mod fixes that by adding a chance for your colonists to spot them in valuable time before they reach your colony. But sometimes the raiders are more sneaky. To counter this a new long-range motion scanner has been added to the game which increases your chances to spot a raid. So draft your colonists and wait for their arrival.

More details:

  • Buildings are unlocked by researching the Spotted Research Tree
  • With every research every movement spotted has more details.
  • Every colonist increases discovery chance with 0.5%
  • Spotting capabilities of buildings can be seen on their stats
  • Discovery power and range is cumulative so building more structures will increase your chance
  • Discovery chance is adjusted with difficulty, higher difficulties requiring more spotting buildings or colonists

License: Do what you want, but give the author credit.


Version 1.4
Spotted Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

Required Libraries

Older versions:

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