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Mechanoid Tech Mod

Author of the Mechanoid Tech Mod: Vaniat

The war between mechanoids and humans lasted for thousands of years, and nowadays small friction still exists in this rim world. Crashed ships frequently fell on the planet’s surface, and made great influence to people still in Industrial or Medieval age.

Sometimes advanced mechanoids launch orbital weapons to human planets, an event known as “Rod from God” among the humans. These fallen ships sometimes contain usable mech parts and even ship center control AI, which has made humanity able to decrypt mech technologies and gather mechanoid data to improve their own technology.

Mechanoid Tech Mod features

This mod expands the capabilities of the to current mechanoids, making them more advanced and also improving the human technology of both yours and enemy colonies.

The Mechanoid Tech Mod adds the following content to RimWorld:

  • Factions

    • Chaser Armada, an elite human army.
    • Advanced Mechanoids, a stronger faction than the regular mechanoids.
  • Incidents

    • Demeter’s Blessing.
    • Rod from God.
    • Trade ship crash.
    • Turret disturbed.
    • New ship part crash.
  • Storytellers

    • Wild AI: Vanya, originally a mechanoid ship AI.
    • Berserker: Nº 13, a warrior from the Chaser Armada.
  • Others

    • New technology acquired when getting an AI superuser permission from mechanoid technology.. NOTE: CCAI can only be gained from crushed ship parts.
    • New wall and door style that have significantly reduced damage.
    • A series of new weapons and misc stuff.
    • A new VR station that increases joy.
    • A manually controlled mortar and turret.
    • New materials: wolframium, cobalt, composite ceramic and tombarthite.
    • The possibility to acquire prosthetic parts from mechanoids or buy it from traders.

Compatibility notes

Important! The Mechanoid Tech Mod already includes the Mechanoid Ship Extension and the Gene-adjusted agent mods. Do not activate them along with this mod.

Additional credits: Art by 斯坦石 and DLL by 淺川夢見華.

License CC BY-NC-ND 4.0


Version 1.4
Mechanoid Tech Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

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