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RimWorld Seeds

What are RimWorld Seeds? When you start a new game in RimWorld, you’ll stumble upon an input field next to a button that says “Randomize Seed”. There is no explanation whatsoever on what these seeds are and how they affect your world in-game but in fact, they do. So what are RimWorld Seeds for? Choosing the overall rainfall or temperature, that calls for a pretty obvious result. But the seeds? Well, the seeds will...

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How to create and upload custom Scenarios

RimWorld’s Scenario system makes your game more lively and challenging by allowing you to randomize and customize unique situations to play in. By customizing a scenario, you can determine certain starting settings: type of community (tribe or colony), map conditions, starting items, animals, health conditions, traits and other special rules that may apply. Take on unique adventures and create your own story...

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