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RimWorld Beta 19 news and features

Although we heard next version would be 1.0, the first version of the game in its "release" state, RimWorld's developer team finally decided that going for one last Beta release would be more beneficial for the game. And so here it is: Beta 19 is now officially released, and it comes with a bunch of new stuff to get you excited. This guide contains a list of notable changes added with the release of RimWorld Beta 19....

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RimWorld 1.0 news and features

"Next version will be 1.0" –said Tynan on a Reddit post a few months back. RimWorld developers are working on polishing the game towards its release state. Version 1.0 will be a sizeable update and we'll probably have to wait a little longer for this release than we did previous ones. Though little has been mentioned about the new features we'll see in RimWorld 1.0, we'll cover a few of the features Tynan...

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Beta 18 news and features

The new Beta 18 release comes with a whole bunch of new features and stuff that you need to take into account! A new biome: swamps, new incidents that will tear your colony apart, new furniture and items, new mental breaks and a whole new kind of mood buffs for your colonists: mental inspirations. The first unstable version of Alpha 18 was released on October 24, and has been available on the "unstable" branch...

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