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RimWorld Seeds

What are RimWorld Seeds? When you start a new game in RimWorld, you’ll stumble upon an input field next to a button that says “Randomize Seed”. There is no explanation whatsoever on what these seeds are and how they affect your world in-game but in fact, they do. So what are RimWorld Seeds for? Choosing the overall rainfall or temperature, that calls for a pretty obvious result. But the seeds? Well, the seeds will...

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How to get RimWorld’s neutroamine

RimWorld’s Neutroamine is a synthetic precursor chemical. Though useless on its own, it is an ingredient needed to craft various drugs at a drug lab, such as penoxycyline and wake-up. Neutroamine can also be combined with herbal medicine and cloth to create the standard medicine at the drug lab. And, if you’re using mods, you might also need neutroamine to craft other drugs like the pain killers or anti-depressant...

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How to modify RimWorld Mods

Do you have a mod you want to make changes to? Is it too OP or not exactly how you wanted it? You’ve come to the right place! With this guide you will learn how to modify mods to your liking in four simple steps! Step 1: Get a local copy of the mod you want to modify There are three main ways to make a local of a mod: manually, automatically, or via an external download. How to get a local copy of a mod manually N...

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