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How to have an efficient Rimworld’s Chicken Farm

Tired of going hunting? Start your own Chickens Farm! Breeding chickens is a good way to start, but it can get complicated. In this guide you will find everything there is to know about maintaining a self-sustainable chicken farm to keep your Rimworld’s colonists fed for the years to come. So you want to start up a small chicken farm but you are a little lost… Where do you get them chickens? Do you need to tame...

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How to Trade

Gathering resources can be difficult sometimes. Luckily, RimWorld has a trade system that helps you get the resources you need to expand your colony. The first thing you need to know about how to trade in RimWorld is that it can happen in two ways: Visitors or Trade Caravans. Orbital Traders. How to trade with Visitors and Trade Caravans Visitors are small groups that will randomly visit your colony and may or may...

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