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Fabulous 5 Scenario

Author of the Fabulous 5 Scenario: CrazyPenguinCrazyPenguin

The Fabulous 5 scenario takes on the story of five spoiled kids that grew up in a wealthy family and never worked in their life or did any hard labor. They enjoyed being a bunch of freeloaders until their parents had enough and decided to send them out into space in hopes that they learned how to survive on their own.

Starting instructions

  • Make sure you have the Prepare Carefully mod installed.
  • While you’re creating your starting colonists, you need to choose one of the following childhood backstories for each of your colonists: Galactic page, Child of drifters, Student socialite or Voyager Child.

You will start with

  • 5 freeloaders (age 20-25), all drunk from the ship party.
  • No labor skills (craft, construct, repair, grow, cook, mine, smith, tailor)
  • Beer, Lavish Meal, Medicine, Components, Plasteel knife, Pistol, T-Shirt, Pants and Jacket.
  • 100% chance trait Greedy
  • 40% chance trait Lazy
  • 30% chance trait Jealous
  • 30% chance trait Pretty

Background Story

Constant complains on how they don’t have the latest iPhone, etc. drove their parents insane. They had enough of it and decided to send their kids into space (extreme much) in hopes that their kids would finally realize how hard it can be to work for the bread on their table, and maybe gain some respect, knowledge and value for the hard earned money as well as skill to survive on their own.

So their journey in space begun in the billion dollar spaceship their parents invested in. But their days of luxury ended soon enough as the Fabulous 5 started a crazy party inside the ship, that will end with drinks spilled on the command console’s electronics, causing a major malfunction that flew the ship up. They were lucky enough to make it to the escape pods and crash on an unknown nearby planet.

Now the fabulous 5 are stranded in this planet and their (non existing) skills will be put to the test as they will try to survive this strange unforgiving alien planet.


Version 1.5
Fabulous 5 Scenario is not updated to RimWorld 1.5
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