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Alone And Cold Challenge

Author of the Alone And Cold Challenge: plasmaray101plasmaray101

The Alone And Cold Challenge is simple yet… difficult! Using the Save our Ship 2 Mod you must launch into space (yes, you will have to build your own spaceship) and survive in space!

Yo complete this challenge you must…

  • Have a minimum of 10 members.
  • Have 1 (or more) chemical interest or drug addicts onboard.
  • Survive in space WITHOUT running out of power.
  • Send small stuff to earth.
  • You MAY raid bases.
  • You MAY use any OTHER mods.

But it’s NOT allowed to…

  • Land the whole ship at any time.
  • Let more then 5 people die
  • Kill someone off! Unless its a raider or someone not part of your faction (Luciferium Addicts are separate and can be killed!).


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