Additional Joy Objects Mod

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Authors of the Additional Joy Objects Mod: CuproPanda, dninemfive

The Additional Joy Objects mod adds new furniture and activities that bring joy to colonists: board games, arcades, paintings, bookcases, medicine, and more!

Additional Joy Objects mod features

  • Items added

    • Pile of Books: Crafting ingredient for the Reading Table and Bookcases. Purchased from Joy Traders, Exotic Traders, and Bulk Goods Traders. Also made by combining 3 Written Books.
    • Painting Supplies: Crafting ingredient for the Easel. Crafted or purchased from Joy Traders, Exotic Traders, and Bulk Goods Traders.
    • Spectago Tea: A simple cup of tea. Heats up quickly for enjoyment at any time.
    • Perodyne: Euphoric painkillers. Purchased from Joy Traders and Exotic Traders
    • Paper: Brewed from either wood of cloth. Used to make books. Crafted at the Brewery.
    • Blank Book: Used by an artist to write a book. Crafted at the Writing Desk or bought from exotic/joy traders.
    • Written Book: Can be sold for a high price. 3 can be crafted into a Pile of Books, which can be used for crafting.
    • Arcade Cartridges: Arcade games that can be loaded into empty arcade cabinets.

  • Furniture added

      • Card Table: A table perfect for a colonists bedroom or for an entertainment room. 1-4 players.
      • RimColony: A special board game purchased from traders. 1-4 players.
      • Book Storage: Book Rack, Bookshelf, and Bookcase. Different sized book storage for colonists to read books at.
      • Reading Table: A table for a colonist to read books at. Provides passive joy.
      • Writing Table: Used to craft and write books, as well as collate books into a Pile of Books
      • Easel: Can be used to craft paintings, and colonists can also doodle on it (meditative joy).
      • Painting: Provides beauty and joy for colonists. Be careful! An untalented artist can make an ugly painting!
      • Dartboard: Colonists will stand at a distance and throw darts at the board.
      • Arcade Construction Table: A station for duplicating arcade cartridges, crafting empty arcades, and adding cartridges to empty arcades.
      • Arcades: Entertain colonists while giving a small amount of XP to the skill listed below:
        • Arcade, Halva Life: Shooting.
        • Arcade, Elder Scones: Melee.
        • Arcade, The Zimz: Social.
        • Arcade, Glutendogs: Animals.
        • Arcade, Trauma Vendor: Medicine.
        • Arcade, Cooking Baba: Cooking.
        • Arcade, Rum Swirled: Construction.
        • Arcade, Plants Vs. Salamis: Growing.
        • Arcade, Speltunky: Mining.
        • Arcade, Psycho Knots: Artistic.
        • Arcade, MintCraft: Crafting.
        • Arcade, Baguettris: Itellect.

    All arcade cabinets are purchased from pleasure cruisers or exotic goods traders and consume 200W of power when in use.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

Older versions Beta 18

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Additional Joy Objects Mod Review
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The Additional Joy Objects Mod is not one of those mods you can’t live without, but it certainly does add variety and realism to the way your colonists spend their free time.

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